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Some kids may grow out of autism

This study suggests that some kids with high functioning autism may grow out of their diagnosis. I suspect that early and proper treatment has something to do with this. The paper is a bit on the technical side but still very readable. Take a look.




Obama Signs Bill Expanding ABA Care for Military Kids

WASHINGTON, DC (January 3, 2013) — President Obama has signed bipartisan legislation creating a one-year pilot program expanding ABA care to all military families through TRICARE, the Pentagon’s healthcare program, a critical first step in improving services for military families raising children with autism.

“Autism Speaks thanks President Obama for taking this sensible step for military families, along with our Congressional champions Rep. John Larson of Connecticut and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York,” said Peter Bell, Autism Speaks executive vice president for programs and services. “At the same time, we restate our intention to make these medical services permanent. Military families who sacrifice so much deserve access to the benefits they have earned.”

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A potential path to finding the a drug to treat autism.

Autistic-like behaviors can be partially remedied by normalizing excessive levels of protein synthesis in the brain, a team of researchers has found in a study of laboratory mice. The findings, which appear in the latest issue of Nature, provide a pathway to the creation of pharmaceuticals aimed at treating autism spectrum disorders (ASD) that are associated with diminished social interaction skills, impaired communication ability, and repetitive behaviors.

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