About us


Serving the Arizona Community.

This Arizona Center for Autism originated from persistent concerns by parents in the Tucson area. These families were experiencing the same ongoing diffi culties that
many of you may have today. They include, but are not limited to the following:
> Insufficient and/or inadequate staff training
> No implementation of proven teaching strategies
> Inadequate opportunities to socialize
> Inadequate data measuring and progress tracking
> Lack of teamwork between parents and school staff

The most proven methods

To achieve a comprehensive level of learning, we will utilize teaching methods dictated by the needs of each individual student. Teaching strategies include:

Why choose us

Qualified Personnel

We employ not only the most qualified personnel, but also employees are required to research and identify emerging methods that have potential. Also, recognizing that perfection is achieved by practice, ongoing training is also required.

We Know Autism

Autism is like a second language to us. We understand the do's and don'ts about the disability. We understand that children with Autism are different, but not less, and as such require special teaching methods.


“Only by utilizing proven methods we have been able to demonstrate that our children do in fact experience emotions of joy, sadness, and success...”
Claudia Jaramillo
Director of Communications

Our work team