Company History

Our Start

The Arizona Center for Autism was founded informally during the Summer of 2011 and formally in November 2011 by a group of parents of Children with Autism in the Tucson, AZ area.

After having explored all available options, the group opted to launch a pilot program with 6 children first in a summer camp environment followed by a classroom type of environment. In both situations, only peer reviewed and proven methods of success were going to be utilized. Furhtermore, the participation of the families in educating their children was not only going to accepted but also encouraged...and in practice, not just in paper.

After only few months into the program, the progress that the children made both academically and socially was evident and impressive. As a result, and encouraged with the results, the group decided to explore the possibilities of starting a new institution that catered to Children with Autism and similar disorders.

From the start, the group's approach was to provide exceptional service, personnel, education, honesty and value. The idea resonated with the Autism community, and in late 2011 the group organizated itself into what it is now the Arizona Center for Autism. Early 2012 the Center started operating.

The first year was hard to say the least. A few of the founders had to find second jobs to fund the activities in a fragile national economy. In addition, that year marked one of the toughest years for established non-profit organizations, let alone for non-profit start-ups since they had to compete for funding with National and Presidential Election Campaigns. However, the group was determined to make the educational effort work irrespective of the challenges. In the first meeting, all together the board of directors pleged "This is going to work, with me, without me, and in spite of me."


Arizona Center for Autism Commitment

The Center works relentlessly to give their children the most effective education possible. The one constant? The founder's philosophy: provide Children with Autism exceptional service, personnel, education, honesty and value.